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pet cremation san diego

Pet Cremation San Diego

In moments of heartache, entrust your cherished pet's farewell to Peaceful Veterinary Care. We've teamed up with Peaceful Waters Aquamation and provide our clients with a unique water-based cremation process called aquamation. It's an eco-friendly aftercare service distinct from traditional pet cremation San Diego offers. Your beloved companion deserves a serene transition, and we're here for you. 

Pet Cremation Services in San Diego

Saying goodbye to a beloved pet is challenging and making decisions about aftercare is deeply personal. While many choose traditional routes like burial or flame based cremation, we offer a unique alternative – aquamation. This innovative, trustworthy, and respectful method of cremation provides a different way to honor your beloved companion. 

Aquamation uses water and alkali and takes approximately 18-20 hours to render the physical body into ash. 

Carefully placing your pet in the chamber, we add alkaline salt and warm water, yielding mineral ashes and nutrient-rich effluent in 18-24 hours. You decide if you want the mineral ashes back. And we will make an eco-friendly return of the effluent to nature.

Backed by skilled technicians with years of vet industry experience, our process is not just expert but heartfelt. You can rely on us for a smooth and compassionate farewell to your cherished companion.

Benefits of Our Pet Aquamation

Dive into the heart of compassion with our pet aquamation. It is more than just helping your beloved pet transition to the afterlife peacefully. It is a sustainable and green option that speeds up the process of natural decomposition and provides you with your pet's essence in an environmentally responsible manner. 

More Remains

With aquamation, your family receives almost 20% more mineral ashes compared to burned ashes.

Low Energy


Zero Harmful Gas


No Burning

In this process, the system uses 90% less energy than flame-based cremation.

Aquamation does not create or emit any kind of harmful gases, like greenhouse gases.

Aquamation does not include any sort of burning of fossil fuels. 

Get Professional Support for Services of Pet Cremation San Diego

Letting go of your loving pet after they pass is never easy. In your time of grief, you can find solace by using our services. Peaceful Veterinary Care offers trustworthy and dedicated pet cremation services in San Diego. Lean on us for a state-of-the-art aquamation experience that honors nature, conserves energy, and returns your pet's natural mineral ash to you. Contact us today - we can offer you compassion and emotional support. 

pet cremation in san diego


What Is Aquamation?

Aquamation is a water-based cremation process that is a sought after alternative to flame-based cremation. When a pet is aquamated, they are placed inside the aquamation chamber, alkaline salt and warm water are added and cycle through the machine - ultimately creating a serene environment. Following a complete water cycle, we retrieve your pet’s mineral ash and an eco-friendly effluent.


It's not just an innovative process; it's a natural, respectful way to lay your beloved pet companion to rest. With minimal energy consumption and no emission of harmful gases, aquamation stands as a gentle, forward-thinking choice.

How Much Does It Cost to Cremate a Pet in San Diego?

Depending on the weight of your pet, the range of costs for pet cremation varies. At Peaceful Veterinary Care, our individual cremation package starts from $300 for a weight limit of 0-49 lb. The price range of communal cremation packages start at $200. If the weight of your pet is above 150 lbs, you have to reach out for more detailed personalized costs. 

How Long Does Aquamation Take for Pets?

The process of aquamation is lengthy compared to traditional forms of cremation. The chamber is heated to approximately 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and inside it, warm water (95%) and alkali (5%) cycle gently. It takes around 18-24 hours for the whole process to complete, and it leaves us with the remains of your pet and some nutrient-rich effluent. 

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