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End of Life Care for Pets in San Diego

Peaceful Veterinary Care takes pride in offering the highest quality end of life care for pets in San Diego and surrounding areas. As compassionate veterinarians, our dedication goes beyond providing exceptional veterinary healthcare and family support. Your pet deserves the utmost comfort, and we're here to ensure a peaceful transition.

Our Mission 

At Peaceful Veterinary Care, we aim to support pet owners and their furry companions in their final days. We offer a range of services, from comfort care to euthanasia, pain management, and specialized aftercare. We recognize the emotional challenges of caring for an ailing pet. That is why we  strive to provide comprehensive hospice and acupuncture  services. Our dedicated team, comprised of skilled veterinarians and caregivers, makes sure that our clients and pets receive personalized care, be it in our clinic or in the comfort of their own home. It's our way of allowing pets to cherish their last moments in familiar and loving surroundings.

end of life care for dogs san diego
end of life care for dogs san diego

Our Services 

In San Diego and surrounding areas, Peaceful Veterinary Care provides end of life care and comfort for your pet in your home or in our tranquil veterinary office. We offer a range of services to make sure that your beloved companion remains as happy and comfortable as possible.


  • In-home or in-office consultations

  • Euthanasia services

  • In-home or in-office acupuncture

  • Palliative care

  • Emotional support

  • Professional support

  • Pain Management

  • Transportation

  • Aftercare and memorial items

Why Choose  Us?

end of life care san diego county


If it's difficult for you to come to our office, we can provide end of life and palliative care for your pet in the comfort of your own home.

san diego end of life care

Expert Care

Our experienced veterinarians provide high-quality care that combines integrative holistic medicine and traditional western medicine so all the possible treatment options are available to your pet in its own comfort zone.

end of life care for pets san diego

Clinic Appointments

We offer in-office appointments for pets and owners who prefer a relaxing and peaceful clinical setting.

san diego end of life care for dogs

Same Day Booking

You can book convenient appointments for same-day home visits at times that work best for you.


What Is End of Life Care for Pets?

When it comes to our beloved animal companions, end-of-life care is all about keeping them comfortable. We work diligently to  manage symptoms and provide palliative care, ensuring that pets with serious and terminal illnesses enjoy peaceful days and a dignified farewell. During quality of life appointments we invite you to share your deepest concerns and sincerest wishes for your pet. This is a crucial period and we want to provide the care you desire and your pet deserves. We promise to offer guidance and support for your pet's journey, making sure their final days are filled with comfort and care.

What Should You Do for Your Pet During the End of Its Life?

When you feel your pet’s quality of life has the potential to decline or they have started showing signs of pain or discomfort, give us a call. 


  • Talk to our vet about any health problems. We can make sure your pet is receiving the right treatments and is comfortable. 

  • If your pet has a terminal or incurable illness, you might want to think about palliative care to help them feel free of pain and stress during this time. 

  • As difficult as it is, choosing euthanasia for a pet with terminal illness is a humane and loving way to free them of the pain and stress associated with terminal disease. 

How Much Does End of Life Care for Dogs Cost?

The cost of a hospice or euthanasia appointment varies by location, size of your pet and the type of services selected. However, appointments often range from $295-$630.

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