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Taxidermy is the art of preserving parts of an animals for display or study. While it may be controversial, many people enjoy taxidermy as a way to remember and celebrate their beloved family pets. There are a number of different ways to preserve an animal, but all involve careful preparation and treatment. 


At Peaceful Waters Aquamation we have many preservation/taxidermy options available for our clients. 

No matter which option you choose, our taxidermists take great care in ensuring that each piece is faithful to the art of preserving and honoring your beloved pet.


Full Skeletal Cleaning

Full skeletal cleaning involves a lengthy and step wise process that preserves the entire skeleton of a pet. The cleaning technique we use allows the bones to remain pristine and preserved for a lifetime. The skeleton is loose and not articulated back into its original form. The bones are returned to you in an antique display box. Our taxidermist works to source a display case that fits the beauty of the skeleton’s aesthetic. This process currently takes us 8-9 months to complete.

Starting at $350-$2500 based on size of the pet

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Single/partial Bone Cleaning

Single or partial bone cleaning involves our taxidermy team cleaning a small amount of bones from your pet. For example, the femur bone or the bones of one paw. These bones will be returned to you in a small display case. This process takes up to 6 months to complete.

Cost based on discussion with taxidermist 


Skeletal Cleaning and Articulation

Full Skeletal cleaning with articulation is similar to our full skeletal cleaning in terms of technique. Once the skeleton is cleaned, it is then meticulously rearticulated into its original form. It is then mounted onto a standing plaque. This is a lengthy process that results in a beautiful representation of your pet. This process takes 12-18 months to complete.

Starting at $2000


Skull Cleaning

Skull cleaning is one of our more popular taxidermy choices. The skull of your pet will be cleaned, rearticulated and returned to you in a display case. Your pet’s body can be privately or communally aquamated and returned to you in the form of ash. Skull cleaning can take 4-8 months depending on your pet’s size. 

Starting at $165 - $450


Pelt or Coat Preservation

Pelt or Coat preservation is a process that involves removing a portion, large or small, of your pet's coat. The pelt is preserved using traditional tanning methods to ensure that it lasts a lifetime. When choosing pelt preservation, you will work closely with our taxidermist to determine the size and desired shape of the pelt. 

Starting at $250 - $1000

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Ear Preservation

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Starting at $350


Paw Preservation

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Starting at $450 - $600


Tail Preservation

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Starting at $275 - $500

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