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Mobile Vet San Diego

Peaceful Veterinary Care is an
integrative veterinary practice dedicated to providing compassionate palliative
and end-of-life care for pets.

Appointments available 7 days a week.

Professional Mobile Veterinarians in San Diego

At Peaceful Veterinary Care, our dedicated team is driven by a profound passion for animals. Recognizing the profound bond you share with your beloved pets, we empathize with the difficulty of bidding them farewell. Drawing upon years of experience in pet care, particularly in their final stages, we specialize in providing top-notch euthanasia and palliative services in San Diego.

Opting for the convenience of in-home service? We offer same-day visits for a seamless experience. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of holistic treatments and hospice care, our veterinarians are committed to delivering serene and compassionate care, ensuring your pet transitions comfortably.

Beyond the medical aspect, we stand by you throughout the grieving process, offering support and understanding. Whether it's aftercare procedures or providing a shoulder to lean on, we are dedicated to preserving the well-being of your furry family member. At Peaceful Veterinary Care, we not only believe but live the principle that a pet is an integral part of the family. Rest assured, your beloved friend's wellness is secure in our compassionate hands!

Our mission is to provide a peaceful and dignified transition for pets and their families, ensuring their final moments are filled with love and respect.

In the twilight of your pet's journey, nothing matters more than your cherished companionship and alleviation of their pain. Our mission is to provide both clinical and emotional support to pet parents and their beloved animals during these poignant moments. Recognizing the emotional and physical trials that pet owners undergo during this challenging period, we strive to lighten their load by providing thorough hospice services.

Our adept team of veterinarians and caregivers is dedicated to delivering personalized care, whether in the comfort of our office or the familiarity of your home. With our mobile veterinarians serving San Diego, your pets can experience the care they require in surroundings that are both familiar and comforting.

Why Choose  Us?
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Our expert mobile vet service is designed to bring palliative and end-of-life comfort care to a familiar and comforting environment - your home. 

Stress-Free Pet

Our high-quality veterinary services encompass a comprehensive approach, aiming to provide everything your pet needs for a stress-free palliative care plan. 

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Clinic Appointments

We provide in-clinic appointments for pets and their owners who prefer a peaceful clinic setting in San Diego. 

Same Day Booking

Our commitment is to provide prompt and reliable service to meet the needs of both you and your pet on the same day, without delay. 

Our Mobile Vet  San Diego Services

For comprehensive palliative care, hospice services, and aftercare for your cherished furry companion, look no further than Peaceful Veterinary Care, your most reliable local veterinary clinic. Our commitment is centered on ensuring that your pet receives unparalleled support and treatment as they navigate the challenges of old age, ultimately transitioning to the afterlife with the utmost comfort.

High-quality & Convenient

In Home Pet Hospice Care

We are a local mobile veterinary service specializing in in-home euthanasia, acupuncture, and palliative care. Our focus is on delivering high-quality and convenient pet health care in the comfort of your own home. In the final days of your beloved friend, you can grieve, contemplate future plans, and share precious moments together in your most personal space.

Our skilled veterinarians and technicians approach each visit with loving care and kindness. They conduct thorough physical exams, diagnostics, integrative pain management, and end-of-life care for your pet—all within the familiar surroundings of your home, prioritizing your pet's comfort throughout the process.

Pet Health Care
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What our client’s say

The gentleness and kindness of the of Peaceful Veterinary was really appreciated. Dr Chapman was prepared and informative not just for her part in caring for Jacks passing but for the family.

- Candace

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